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NO.1 The term social engineering is used to describe the various tricks used to fool people(employees, business partners, or customers) into voluntarily giving away information that would notnormally be known to the general public.What is the criminal practice of social engineering where an attacker uses the telephone system in anattempt to scam the user into surrendering private information?A. PhishingB. SpoofingC. TappingD. VishingAnswer: AEC-COUNCIL original questionsECSAv8 test que[...]

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NO.1 Application security assessment is one of the activity that a pen tester performs in the attackphase. It is designed to identify and assess threats to the organization through bespoke, proprietaryapplications or systems. It checks the application so that a malicious user cannot access, modify, ordestroy data or services within the system.Identify the type of application security assessment which analyzes the application-based code toconfirm that it does not contain any sensitive i[...]

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