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JN0-691Exam Code: JN0-691
Exam Name: Junos Troubleshooting
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JN0-691 Practice Test Total Q&A: 135 Questions and Answers
Last Update: 2016-02-07

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JN0-102Exam Code: JN0-102
Exam Name: Junos, Associate (JNCIA-Junos)
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JN0-102 Exam PDF Total Q&A: 319 Questions and Answers
Last Update: 2016-02-07

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NO.1 A network administrator wants to verify the active alarms on interface so-0/ 0/ 0.0.
Which command displays this information?
A. show interfaces extensive
B. show alarms extensive
C. show interfaces terse
D. show interfaces alarms
Answer: A

NO.2 You have been allocated a 22 network.
How many usable hosts are available?
A. 510
B. 1022
C. 1024
D. 512
Answer: B

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NO.3 Which two statements accurately describe a broadcast domain? (Choose two.)
A. Broadcast domains require a gateway device such as a router.
B. Broadcast domains consist of devices that reside on the same VLAN.
C. Broadcast domains consist of devices reachable by frames addressed to the Layer 2 broadcast
D. Broadcast domains require that the participating devices connect to common switches or hubs.
Answer: B,C

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NO.4 Which command is used to display all output at once?
A. show interfaces | hold
B. show interfaces | all
C. show interfaces | display-all
D. show interfaces | no-more
Answer: D

JN0-102 Test Questions   JN0-102 test answers   

NO.5 What represents the decimal equivalence of 11100101?
A. 229
B. 177
C. 5
D. 93
Answer: A

JN0-102 Real Questions   

NO.6 What is the role of route preference?
A. It is used as a tiebreaker when the same prefix is available through multiple protocols.
B. It is used to determine the preferred path to a given destination.
C. It is used to select which routing table to use for forwarding.
D. It is used to select the best route between multiple equal-cost paths.
Answer: A

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NO.7 Which command is used to enable access to J-Web using HTTPS?
A. set services web-management j-web-https
B. set services remote-access profile j-web-https
C. set system services web-management https
D. set system remote-access profile https
Answer: C

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NO.8 Which J-Web tab do you use to add licenses to the device?
A. "Monitor"
B. "Maintain"
C. "Troubleshoot"
D. "Configure"
Answer: B

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