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NO.1 You configured four Device Administrator user accounts for your Firebox. To see a report of
witch Device Management users have made changes to the device configuration, what must you do?
(Select two.)
A. Connect to Report Manager or Dimension and view the Audit Trail report for your device.
B. Start Firebox System Manager for the device and review the activity for the Management Users on
the Authentication List tab.
C. Open WatchGuard Server Center and review the configuration history for managed devices.
D. Configure your device to send audit trail log messages to your WatchGuard Log Server or
Dimension Log Server.
Answer: A,C

Match the monitoring tool to the correct task:
Firewatch Traffic Monitor Firebox system Manager - Authentication List Log Server Firbox System
Manager - Blocked State List Firebox System Manager - Subscription Services

NO.3 Which WatchGuard Subscription Service must be enabled in a proxy policy before you can use
APT Blocker? (Select one.)
B. Gateway Antivirus
D. WebBlocker
E. Application Control
Answer: B

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NO.4 After you enable spamBlocker, your users experience no reduction in the amount of spam they
receive. What could explain this? (Select three.)
A. The Maximum File Size to Scan option is set too high.
B. A spamBlocker exception is configured to allow traffic from sender *.
C. Connections cannot be resolved to the spamBlocker servers because DNS is not configured on the
D. The spamBlocker action for Confirmed Spam is set to Allow.
E. spamBlocker Virus Outbreak Detection is not enabled.
Answer: B,C,D

NO.5 A local branch office VPN tunnel route is configured as shown in this image.
On the remote peer device, what must be configured as the remote network address for this tunnel
route? (Select one.)
Answer: C

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NO.6 How can you include log messages from more than one Firebox in a single report generated by
Dimension? (Select two.)
A. Create a report schedule that includes all the devices you want to include in the report.
B. You cannot see report data in Dimension for more than one device.
C. Export report data as a single PDF file for all the devices you want to include in the report.
D. Create a device group and view the reports for that group.
Answer: A,D

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