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NO.1 A client attaches to a secure jack interface set to untrusted. But when the client tries to access
the captive portal page, the following message appears, "Web Authentication is not enabled." What
might be wrong?
A. The client has the browser provisioned with proxy settings.
B. The controller port needs to be set to trusted.
C. A "aaa" profile needs to be selected on the Wired Access page.
D. A Captive Portal profile needs to be assigned to the initial role.
E. Web Authentication cannot be used in this way.
Answer: D

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6-2 - Aruba Platform

NO.2 Which of the following describes a Remote AP provisioned in "Split-Tunnel" Forwarding mode?.
A. Local user traffic first goes to the controller and is then spilt back to the local network.
B. All data and control traffic goes to the controller unsecured.
C. The user role must have a "Permit" statement in order to locally bridge the traffic.
D. The user role must have a "route src-nat" statement to locally bridge the traffic.
E. The RAP uses PAPI to send data traffic to the controller.
Answer: D

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NO.3 Which of the following are NOT valid RAP forwarding modes (Choose two)?
A. Tunnel
B. Bridge
C. Split-Tunnel
D. Backup
E. Standard
Answer: D,E

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NO.4 A Remote AP was properly functioning before losing its internet connection and now cannot
communicate with the controller. What SSID is the AP broadcasting?
A. The SSID in Operational mode Always and Forwarding mode Backup
B. The SSID in Operational mode Split Tunnel and Forwarding mode Bridge
C. The SSID in Operational mode Always and Forwarding mode Tunnel
D. The SSID in Operational mode Standard and Forwarding mode Tunnel
E. The SSID in Operational mode Persistent and Forwarding mode Bridge
Answer: E

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NO.5 A controller is provisioned in L3 Mode for Wireless Users. What must be configured on the
controller to enable DHCP requests to an external DHCP server?
A. an IP helper command
B. the IP address of the DNS server
C. the IP address of the APs
D. the subnet address of the DHCP server
E. the DHCP server IPSEC Key
Answer: A

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NO.6 What is the blacklist default time?
A. 30 seconds
B. 1800 seconds
C. 3600 seconds
D. No default time, it must be done manually
E. 1 day
Answer: C

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2-2 - Roles

NO.7 A client has not purchased the RF Protect license. Without this license what is still supported, in
the basic OS?
A. Only Intrusion Detection but no Intrusion Protection
B. Rogue Detection and Containment
C. Spectrum Analysis
D. Can only configure High, Medium and Low settings, No customization
E. Without the License there is no Intrusion detection nor Intrusion Protection
Answer: B

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NO.8 Which of the following is an Aruba Layer 3 redundancy mechanism?(Choose two)
B. Backup LMS-IP
D. Backup AP group
Answer: A,B

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