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NO.1 Management's goal is to continually improve customer service and satisfaction. Their actions
include the following. Which of these actions is least likely to help achieve the goal?
A. Provide for positive reinforcement to employees who are trying to satisfy customers.
B. Encourage and support cooperation and conformance to quality standards amongst internal
C. Establish an employee suggestion box system.
D. Ensure that employees have the training, information, and physical things they need to do their
jobs well.
Answer: C

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NO.2 Typical tools used as aids in selecting members for a process improvement team are:
A. DiSC and MBTI.
B. MBTI and process mapping.
C. Root cause analysis and fishbone chart.
D. Brainstorming and affinity diagram.
Answer: A

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NO.3 Of the following core values and concepts, which would be the most critical to apply to a
newly mandated state emergency management agency?
I. Visionary leadership
II. Customer-driven excellence
III. Agility
IV. Focus on the future
V. Focus on results and creating value
VI. Management by fact
VII. Managing for innovation
Answer: C

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NO.4 A work team has identified three software packages that will help them dramatically improve
a process and needs to decide which to purchase. Each package has some of the same and some
different features and there are many different criteria that need to be used in making the decision.
Which of the following tools is likely to be most valuable for helping the team decide?
A. Priorities matrix
B. Tree diagram
C. Matrix diagram
D. Activity network diagram
Answer: A

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NO.5 For a bookseller that sells entirely through a Web site, managing the diversity of customers
would entail which of the following?
I. Adopting lean techniques to reduce cycle time
II. Continually developing new service features to take the place of services that have become "must
III. Responding to the needs of a diverse customer base
Understanding and working closely with multiple publishers
A.III only
B.II and III only
C.II, III, and IV only
D.I, II, III, and IV
Answer: D

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NO.6 Which of the following is true?
A. Training to be delivered via an in-house intranet is likely to be more costly to develop than
classroom-type training.
B. Training embedded in a transaction-processing computer program is usually ineffective as well as
annoying to operators.
C. A printed training workbook serves only one purpose-documentation of textual content.
D. OJT is how an "old hand" teaches a new hire how things are done-it involves no structure or
instructional standards.
Answer: A

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NO.7 In a typical organization, there are many different strategies and people put their focus where
it seems best placed, but this may not agree with what is actually expected or desired. A possible
solution for such a situation is:
A. To ensure the strategic and operational plans clearly indicate the priorities and strategies for the
B. To communicate, communicate, and communicate!
C. To ensure that authority levels are clearly spelled out for typical situations
D. To have employees go outside the organizational walls
Answer: B

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NO.8 A facilitator notices that the team jumps to conclusions after only one or two members have
stated their opinion.
The facilitator should:
A. Tell the team to have a nonbinding vote before beginning a discussion, which will make each
person's view apparent.
B. Ask the team to fill out a questionnaire rating themselves on effective group process.
C. Tell the quiet members they need to speak out.
D. Ask what the impact will be on the team if they don't adequately discuss issues.
Answer: D

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