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NO.1 What are necessary inputs for the creation of a rollout plan?
A. Activity sequence, duration, resource requirements and schedule constraints.
B. List of deliverables, dependencies and estimated completion time.
C. Main milestones and activity duration.
D. Site process, activity sequencing and duration.
Answer: A

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NO.2 During the start up phase of a project the PM is preparing the project management plan. Who
should approve the plan and fully commit to the execution of it?
A. The CT Head.
B. The Head of NI Region/Sub region.
C. The Head of GS Region/Sub region.
D. The Head of PMS of the Region/Sub region.
Answer: A

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NO.3 Who is responsible to present the project results in the Project Review Meetings?
A. Project Manager with support of the CPM.
B. CPM and F&C.
C. CPM with support of the Project Manager.
D. Project Controller.
Answer: A

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NO.4 Which KPI can assist the PM in the analysis of a Gross Margin deviation?
Answer: C

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NO.5 How should integration engineer resources be planned for the RA network integration?
A. Include an estimation of local resources in the project headcount.
B. Prepare an RFQ for external suppliers with the support of Procurement.
C. Include the input from GNIC into your service cost estimation.
D. Communicate the need of integration engineers for your project during the MRM (Monthly
Resource Meeting).
Answer: C

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7. What is RTI?
A. Interface between Site quality module and IPM.
B. Interface between SAP and IPM.
C. An external database linking SAP and E-doc
D. Interface between Change management and Quality module.
Answer: B

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8. When does the PM need to update NELLE with customer/project data?
A. At year end.
B. After the customer forecast is received.
C. Per STP .
D. At least once a month, before period cut-off.
Answer: D

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9. As part of the start-up activities the PM is defining a communication plan. What is the content
of such a plan?
A. Share of responsibility, project organisation chart and escalation process.
B. Employee list with phone numbers and e-mail addresses, CT/project organisation and
communication matrix.
C. Communication matrix, meeting practices, project reporting practices, documentation needs and
escalation process.
D. Employee list with phone numbers and e-mail addresses, subcontractor list and customer
Answer: C

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10. What is the correct GIC to plan costs related to payment of a subcontractor responsible for
BTS commissioning?
A. 7331 Implementation.
B. 7332 Site Acquisition.
C. 7348 Project Management.
D. 7333 Construction Works.
Answer: A

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11. What is NOT a risk response strategy?
A. Share.
B. Ignore.
C. Enhance.
D. Mitigate.
Answer: B

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12. In today's project status meeting with the customer, the customer PM stated the following: "
The supplier of the transmission network has a huge delay, you can't start with your activities at the
moment".How does the PM react?
A. Make a re-planning of the project and immediately release the resources.
B. Start discussions about possible claims immediately in the meeting in order to have them on the
table already.
C. Initiate a meeting with the relevant stakeholders in NSN (CT, SSM's, project members) in order to
align the way forward and up sell strategy.
D. No reaction needed as the resources can be utilised for other projects.
Answer: C

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13. Which of the following is included in the scope statement?
A. Cost baseline.
B. Project quality plan.
C. Project plan.
D. Project deliverables.
Answer: D

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14. In turnkey projects ...
A. ... Site acquisition and permitting very often turns out to become a critical bottleneck in the
projects. It is therefore highly recommended to plan very carefully for Site acquisition and
permitting and to develop a contingency plan.
B. ... Site acquisition and permitting as well as construction works are key competences in NSN.
Consequently these services should preferably NOT be outsourced to subcontractors.
C. ... if a base station site is connected via optical fiber transmission link to the network it is
important that a Line-of-Sight check is performed during site acquisition to ensure no obstacles
would interfere with the connection to the adjacent site.
D. ... revenue for Constructions Works services typically is comparatively small compared to revenue
for Site Acquisition&Permitting.
Answer: A

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15. When are sales usually recognized?
A. When goods receipt is posted in SAP .
B. When subcontractor invoice is received.
C. When the customer pays the invoice.
D. When the service is completed.
Answer: A

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NO.6 The NI Performance Indicator SILT gives an understanding of...
A. ...the performance of Telecom Implementation Services.
B. ...the lead times of site infrastructure material.
C. ...the cash flow in the project.
D. ...the performed service quality.
Answer: C

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