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Exam Code: 50-665
Exam Name: Novell (Groupwise 6.0 Administration)
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Total Q&A: 55 Questions and Answers
Last Update: 2014-06-17

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NO.1 A GroupWise system can span multiple trees. What is one limitation when you are spanning trees?
A.The post office object and all objects associated with the post office must be in the same container.
B.The post office object and all objects associated with the post office must be contained in the same
C.The domain object and all objects associated with the domain (gateway, post office, users) must be in
the same tree.
D.The domain object and all objects associated with the domain (gateway, post office, users) must be in
the same partition.
E.The domain object and all objects associated with the domain (gateway, post office, users) must be in
the same container.

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NO.2 What tools give you information to help you understand your system performance, to troubleshoot
problems, and to configure settings for your domains and post offices? (Choose 3.)
A.Web Console
B.GWIA Monitor
C.Agent display
D.Agent log files
F.Netware Administrator
Answer:A C D

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NO.3 Perform the following drag-and-drop task. Begin by clicking the Drag-and-Drop button. When you
finish, continue to the next question by clicking the Next button. Match each timeout setting with its
Green choice1---->Yellow Choice1
Green choice3---->Yellow Choice2
Green choice4---->Yellow Choice3
Green choice2---->Yellow Choice4
Green choice5---->Yellow Choice5
Green choice6---->Yellow Choice6

NO.4 The link configuration screen in ConsoleOne allows you to modify or create links. What does the
following icon represent?
A.Link down
B.Indirect link
C.Gateway link
D.Undefined link
E.No rights to modify link
F.Link modified in another view

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NO.5 Why does an external entity appear in the GroupWise address book?
A.For addressing purposes only
B.For administrative purposes only
C.So the external entity can connect to eDirectory
D.It does not display in the address book. It only appears in eDirectory
E.To allow the administrator to run Mailbox/Library Maintenance in the external entity to make sure there
is no database corruption

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NO.6 What WebAccess configuration file contains the encryption key, IP address, and port of the default
agent? (Enter the file name only.) Answer:

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NO.7 To maintain Directory store databases, you need to use the System Maintenance options from the
Tools menu. What are the options? (Choose 5.)
B.Rebuild Database
C.Validate Database
D.Recover Database
E.Reclaim Unused Space
F.Rebuild Indexes for Listing
G.NDS User Synchronization
H.Mailbox/Library Maintenance
Answer:B C D E F

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NO.8 Perform the following point and click task. Begin by clicking the Point-and-Click button. When you finish,
continue to the next question by clicking the Next button. On the displayed graphic, click on the option you
would select in GroupWise System Maintenance when the Primary Domain database contains
out-of-date information about a secondary domain?

NO.9 What is the correct command to load the GroupWise 6 GWPOA.NLM with the ACCT.POA startup file on
your NetWare server?

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NO.10 When configuring the WebAccess Agent Properties page in ConsoleOne, what is the default name for
the SNMP Community "Get" String field? Answer:

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NO.11 When you delete an eDirectory user who has a GroupWise account, you are prompted to identify what
attributes to delete. Which options can you use if the NetWare user and the GroupWise object are no
longer used? (Choose 3.)
A.Delete External Entity
B.Delete GroupWise Alias
C.Delete eDirectory Account
D.Delete GroupWise Account
E.Expire GroupWise Account
F.Delete GroupWise Nickname
Answer:C D E

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NO.12 By default, all users in the GroupWise system can use GWIA services. You can prevent access to
GWIA services for individual users, distribution lists, post offices, or domains. Users can be members of
more than one class of service, resulting in conflicting privileges. If a user has a class membership in a
distribution list that prevents SMTP outgoing messages and has class membership in another distribution
list that allows SMTP outgoing messages, which would apply?
A.The class membership in the distribution list that was created last.
B.The class membership in the distribution list that was created first.
C.The class membership in the distribution list that offers the least access takes precedence.
D.The class membership in the distribution list that offers the greatest access takes precedence.

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NO.13 By default, GroupWise 6 GWIA is configured to prevent message relaying. How does this affect
remote users?
A.It has no affect on them.
B.Remote users can't send or receive email.
C.GroupWise POP3/IMAP4 users can't receive email from GIWA but can use GWIA to send mail.
D.GroupWise POP3/IMAP4 users can receive email from GWIA but cannot use GWIA to send mail unless
access control exceptions are configured.

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NO.14 What WebAccess installation provides the most security?
A.A one-server solution
B.A two-server solution
C.A one-to-many server solution
D.A single WebAccess installation
E.Multiple WebAccess installations

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NO.15 By default, what protocol does GroupWise monitor use to communicate with your web browser?

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NO.16 The agents are responsible for updating all directory store databases. What is this process called?
A.Agent replication
B.Database distribution
C.Index synchronization
D.Directory store update
E.Directory synchronization

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NO.17 Your system consists of several domain sites linked to a hub domain. There is a gateway link to a
remote site consisting of several directly linked domains. What type of link configuration is this?

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NO.18 Where are the log files for GroupWise monitor stored by default?

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NO.19 A resource is a physical asset that can be checked out or scheduled. You can check a resources
availability with a busy search. When creating a GroupWise resource, you must assign an owner who
makes scheduling and allocation decisions. Which is a prerequisite when assigning an owner?
A.A resource owner cannot own any other objects.
B.A resource must be in the same container as the resource owner.
C.A resource must be in the same post office as the resource owner.
D.A resource must be in the same domain as the resource owner, but it can be in a different post office.
E.It makes no difference where the owner and resource objects are located as long as they are defined in
the system and are visible in the address book.

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NO.20 GroupWise Monitor consists of 2 modules. What are they? (Choose 2.)
B.GroupWise System
C.GroupWise Web Server
D.GroupWise Web Browser
E.GroupWise Monitor Agent
F.GroupWise Monitor Application
Answer:E F

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