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Exam Code: VCAP5-DCD
Exam Name: VMware (VMware Certified Advanced Professional 5 - Data Center Design (VCAP5-DCD))
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Total Q&A: 279 Questions and Answers
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NO.1 A(n) _____________ is an item that is taken to be true in the design phases but has not been
tested prior to execution.
A. requirement
B. constraint
C. assumption
D. risk
Answer: C

VMware study guide   VCAP5-DCD   VCAP5-DCD
An assumption could impact your design. It is good to ensure that project team and widerbusiness
are aware of assumptions and that they are agreed and validated as part of the design
considerationprocess. Chapter 2, Gathering Information and Spotting the Gaps

NO.2 Based on the information in the high-level design extract for question 2, which type of data
store would be required?
Answer: A

VMware   VCAP5-DCD study guide   VCAP5-DCD questions
Because fault tolerance would be the only VMware technology that would meet the
technicalrequirements, VMFS is the only choice here. Chapter 4, Storage Design - The Logical &
Physical Approaches

NO.3 A DR project requires a recovery time objective (RTO) of 4 hours and has a recovery point
objective (RPO) of 2 hours. The system fails at 8 p.m. on a Sunday evening. At what time is the
application expected to be available to the end users?
A. Midnight
B. 10 p.m.
C. 2 a.m.
D. 11 p.m.
Answer: A

VMware   VCAP5-DCD certification   VCAP5-DCD test answers   VCAP5-DCD exam dumps
The recovery time objective (RTO)-also known as the return to operation-is the amount of timeit
takes to restore a service after a failure has taken place. The recovery point objective (RPO) is the
point intime to which the system needs to be restored following a failure.
Chapter 3, RTO, RPO, and All That Stuff?

NO.4 A best practice can change over time.
A. True
B. False
Answer: A

VMware exam prep   VCAP5-DCD   VCAP5-DCD   VCAP5-DCD   VCAP5-DCD
A best practice is based on experience with delivering a solution.
A new product will have limitedbest-practice information except for vendor- or
vendor-partner-based recommendations.
The longer atechnology is used in a community, the more potential success; therefore, best
practices can change overtime.
Chapter 6, Validation, Thoughts, and Processes

NO.5 Storage DRS can be enabled and can balance I/O levels based on _______________
A. real-time stats
B. historical stats
Answer: B

VMware   VCAP5-DCD dumps torrent   VCAP5-DCD   VCAP5-DCD   VCAP5-DCD exam
Storage DRS can balance I/O by using storage vMotion. This would be based on historical valuesfor a
period of time.
Storage DRS would make decisions based on these figures. If the system were using realtimestats,
the machines could potentially migrate a lot more. This could have an effect on the latency
figuresfor some systems. The larger historical sampling in storage DRS allows the system to make a
decision withlimited risk of impacting I/O-unlike moving a virtual machine over and over again.
Chapter 4, Storage Design - The Logical & Physical Approaches

NO.6 A logical design can contain which of the following? (Choose three)
A. BIOS settings
B. Data flow
C. Key component relationships
D. High-level diagrams
E. Server host names
Answer: B,C,D

VMware   VCAP5-DCD test answers   VCAP5-DCD
A logical diagram can be used to show service components and how they relate to each other.
Alogical diagram is high level in nature and is independent of the hardware used for a solution.
Chapter 2, Presenting the Data Gathered

NO.7 You are working on a hybrid cloud project, where production applications (yet to be fully
developed) are to be deployed. Which of the following is a project requirement?
A. The production data must be in the UK at all times.
B. The hosting partner provides sufficient resources without overcommitment to support
application load.
C. The hosting provider meets uptime expectations.
D. The development team provides the software on time.
Answer: A

VMware   VCAP5-DCD   VCAP5-DCD   VCAP5-DCD   VCAP5-DCD   VCAP5-DCD exam simulations
A requirement is a definable and measurable project item. It must be part of the delivery, and
itsremoval cannot be justified. Chapter 2, Definitions of Key Terms

NO.8 Storage DRS is enabled by default.
A. True
B. False
Answer: B

VMware dumps torrent   VCAP5-DCD answers real questions   VCAP5-DCD   VCAP5-DCD   VCAP5-DCD
Chapter 4, Storage Design - The Logical & Physical Approaches

NO.9 When designing a storage platform, which of the following should be considered as part of
the overall design?
A. Capacity
B. I/O requirements of the applications to be supported
C. Disk latency tolerance
D. Growth rate
E. All of the above
Answer: E

VMware study guide   VCAP5-DCD   VCAP5-DCD practice test
A storage platform logical design requires in-depth analysis of factors that can affect applications. In
the case of storage, aspects that relate to the physical layer-such as the amount of usable space
requiredfor services; the size, number, and speed of disks; and how fast the data is being
produced-could have asubstantial impact to the storage platform. Chapter 4, Storage Design - The
Logical & Physical Approaches

NO.10 In the project life cycle, the ____________ defines the vision.
A. IT architect
B. software vendor
C. business
Answer: C

VMware exam   VCAP5-DCD   VCAP5-DCD questions   VCAP5-DCD   VCAP5-DCD exam simulations
By reviewing the current configuration of a system and mapping the final status of components
asdescribed in the vision, the business identifies the gap between the two. A gap state analysis is a
review of theitems or tasks that are required to progress between the stages. Such an analysis is
useful in creatingmilestone plans, implementation orders, and so on. Chapter 2, Gathering
Information and Spotting the Gaps

NO.11 You are the technical designer for a vSphere platform transformation project. After
conducting SME interviews and using various platform information-gathering methods, you have
created a high-level design document.
This document specifies the following:
R1. The solution must not have a single point of failure.
R2. Production applications must not have an outage of more than 10 seconds.
R3. Data must be based in the UK.
R4. There is a 7-year retention policy for contracts.
R5. Applications should support existing and developing workloads for the next 3 years' growth.
Spec of servers:
Web 1 vCPU, 2 GB RAM, 100 GB storage App 1 vCPU, 4 GB RAM, 100 Gb storage
DB 2 vCPU, 16 GB RAM, 750 Gb storage
At a late stage in the software development life cycle of a production application developed inhouse,
an unfortunate issue was identified when the application was deployed to the production vSphere
cluster. The production core stacked switch has capacity issues, and this is having a serious impact
on all applications for which the switch is providing network services. Within the test system, the
application works as intended in the single test VLAN and with a single-host configuration.
Which of the following could be tried to help in this situation, from a vSphere perspective? (Choose
A. Redevelop the application for a virtual platform
B. Place the application into a single-vApp network
C. Add DRS rules to keep network traffic within the same host, where possible
D. Configure network I/O control
Answer: B,D

VMware exam simulations   VCAP5-DCD   VCAP5-DCD dumps   VCAP5-DCD
If you limit the application traffic to a specific dedicated network (that is, a separate VLAN) andusing
enforced DRS affinity rules, the application traffic will not traverse the ESXi host's physical
networkinterfaces. This will ensure that the impact of the application is minimized, while also
ensuring that theapplication itself is not limited. The application servers already have vCPU settings.
This suggests that the system has already beingvirtualized in both types of environments. Network
I/O control could be useful in the event of contention, but therole of a designer would be to plan to
prevent contention where possible; other options would be morebeneficial. In addition,
Requirement 5 specifies that the system should work with workloads over the next 3years. Network
I/O control would suggest contention very early in the platform history. Chapter 4, NetWork -
Logical and Physical Design to allow applications to flow

NO.12 You are a technical consultant designing a solution for an online retail company. The project
vision is to deploy a hybrid cloud, with the internal team developing the website on internal
infrastructure and migrating production-ready applications to a hosting provider. The project is
expected to ease deployment and require less infrastructure capital expenditure-without lowering
application quality.
Which of the following is a risk to the project?
A. The solution must adhere to ISO 27001.
B. Change control of the hosting vCloud platform is not under full control of the internal business.
C. The hosting provider outsources the platform support to the platform vendor.
D. The applications to be deployed on the production hosts are not fully developed, although a beta
Answer: B

VMware   VCAP5-DCD   VCAP5-DCD questions   VCAP5-DCD dumps torrent
The technical design process enables the platform designer to work in a methodical way and
withothers who have similar objectives. A risk is that a project item could potentially prevent the
vision or aspectsof it (requirements) from being created. Chapter 1, The Technical Design Process

NO.13 Based on the information in the high-level design extract from question 2, what storage
protocol is unsuitable?
Answer: A

VMware answers real questions   VCAP5-DCD   VCAP5-DCD demo   VCAP5-DCD
The requirements state that the application uptime requirements would not be met if using vSphere
HA alone. vSphere HA would invoke a restart of guest virtual machines after at least 10 seconds.
VMware fault tolerance would meet the uptime requirements; a failover would result in zero
downtime of theapplication. This technology can be used only with VMFS; therefore, NFS cannot be
used in this design. Chapter 4, NetWork - Logical and Physical Design to allow applications to flow

NO.14 You are a virtualization consultant working on a DR project. You have proposed a solution that
uses SAN replication technology to replicate production virtual machine files. This meets the cold
standby requirement.
Which of the following could be a design constraint?
A. The hardware currently being used in the datacenter is out of support.
B. The company is undecided about the choice of centralized storage to be used in the enterprise.
C. The company is at the end of year 1 of a 3-year contract for the point-to-point link between Site A
and Site
D. This link is currently 10 MB.
Answer: C

VMware exam simulations   VCAP5-DCD test   VCAP5-DCD
An item from the current state analysis that would restrict or change a design choice is potentiallya
constraint. Such factors can limit a design and in some cases prevent the realization of a project
vision. Chapter 2, Gathering Information and Spotting the Gaps

NO.15 The vCenter database is powered off ungracefully, along with a three cluster nodes in a
separate cluster.
Will the failed existing ESXi host nodes restart correctly using Auto Deploy?
A. Yes
B. No
Answer: A

VMware study guide   VCAP5-DCD certification   VCAP5-DCD   VCAP5-DCD test questions   VCAP5-DCD questions
Auto Deploy enables an untrained IT professional to increase capacity while ensuring quality
andconsistency within a cluster.
However, there is a dependency on the vCenter server and Auto Deploy serverroles at different
In this case, the ESXi hosts have already booted successfully.
This means that allsubsequent reboots will be controlled using configuration from the Auto Deploy
server, not vCenter.
If thevCenter database is impacted, the ESXi hosts will automatically restore.
Even in the event of no vCenteravailability, hosts will use the last-known copy of a distributed switch
or the configured vSphere switch.
Chapter X, Putting it all together

NO.16 You are a VMware architect employed to design and build application environments and the
underlying platform for a software development company. The company is using a "devops"
approach and has engaged with you at the beginning of the first planning meeting/pre-sprint.
The software has yet to be written. However, you have some high-level specifications that are
subject to change at each of the early meetings.
The ______ is more logical for virtual machine sizing.
A. predictive sizing approach based on current software
B. adaptive sizing approach
Answer: B

VMware   VCAP5-DCD   VCAP5-DCD test questions
There are two types of scaling approaches in virtual platforms: adaptive and predictive.
Bothapproaches are usable; however, a designer must work out which is the best approach for
each project.
The adaptive approach to guest virtual machine design is a major advantage that virtualization
technologybrings to a datacenter. It allows a guest virtual machine to be created initially on a few
metrics or high-levelrequirements (such as a limited budget) and scaled (that is, grown, not shrunk)
through the virtual machine lifecycle. In many cases, this scaling can be performed hot/live without
outage/downtime to the runningapplications. The predictive approach, on the other hand, requires
more planning and research, and you must know themetrics before deployment. The advantage
here is that once the virtual machine has been deployed, onlyapplication maintenance is required.
The application requirements are known. Chapter 5, Design Approaches

NO.17 A project requirement _______________
A. must be achieved
B. can be set as aspirational but may never be achieved
Answer: A

VMware questions   VCAP5-DCD test   VCAP5-DCD   VCAP5-DCD test
A project requirement is a specific deliverable that the business has said must be provided at
theend of a project.
It must always be achieved. Chapter 4, Storage Design - The Logical & Physical Approaches

NO.18 Only a software vendor develops a standard process or configuration.
A. True
B. False
Answer: B

VMware   VCAP5-DCD certification training   VCAP5-DCD
A best practice is based on experience with delivering a solution.
A new product will have limitedbest-practice information except for vendor- or
vendor-partner-based recommendations.
The longer atechnology is used in a community, the more potential success; therefore, best
practices may berecommended by non-vendor-related people.
It is up to a designer to validate this information rather thanignore it straightaway. Chapter 6,
Validation, Thoughts, and Processes
19. A logical diagram shows vendor-specific information.
A. True
B. False
Answer: B

VMware   VCAP5-DCD certification   VCAP5-DCD   VCAP5-DCD
A logical diagram shows the high-level components of a design or platform. It may
includedescriptions such as data flow and entity relationships.
However, it does not show specific vendors (such asDell or HP). Chapter 2, Creating the design
20. Which of the following vSphere cluster technologies would meet the application
requirements specified in the high-level design extract for question 2?
Answer: A

vSphere HA would need to wait at least 10 seconds before a restart would be possible. Thiswould
not meet requirements. In the event of a restart, it could be possible to be without the application
feeddatabase for about 15 minutes. VMware FT would enable the service to be provided without
additionalredevelopment. Chapter 4, Storage Design - The Logical & Physical Approaches

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